lunedì 21 settembre 2009


Stay out with me tonight.

There's some blankets in the back.

Caught on Autumn's edge out near the woods once again, but this time no one expects us back.

I know it's cold but it's that kind of cold that doesn't feel bad when it's late.

So let me be bold or I'm gonna be bold-I've thought of you on and off since 1988.

About your recent investment plan, it smells like $50 stuffed into a Ziplock bag.

I thought you guys were all totally clean, but I guess we all need something to relax.

I know you have some place to be-prepared some information for someone in some hours-but if we can't get it together fall, at least let this semi-perfect scene to be ours.

So remain relaxed and remember that there were once more temperate Novembers.

Remain Relaxed

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